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We are building lasting relationships with business owners through trust and exceptional results – backed by our innovative strategy.

Our Promise To You

our promise to you

We know it can be overwhelming trying to find the customers you need online. The customers are out there, but what is the best way to reach them?

If you’re searching for a proven digital expert to help you find new customers, we’re here to help. Our team has years of experience and a proven history of helping businesses fuel their growth.

We started our agency to help people like you take your business to the next level. We’ll do the hard work of attracting new customers for you. So you can focus on making your business remarkable.

We know that it’s hard for businesses to keep up with the latest strategies to maximize their profits. That’s why we’re here. We are passionate about helping businesses like yours find the newest and best ways to drive targeted customers to contact your business.

Our Services

Your Expert Guide To Attract More Customers

Proprietary Strategies To Help Increase Your Traffic And Multiply Your Revenue


Website Re-design

We create industry-leading websites, designed and optimized by the industry’s best to attract search engines and convert visitors. We carefully re-design and build high-quality mobile-friendly websites along with individual web pages from the ground up.

Schedule A Free Website Design Consultation

Lead Generation

We recognize that the only metric that counts is sales, and to generate sales, you need qualified leads. With our comprehensive online marketing services, we take over your entire online presence and deliver measurable results – more visitors, more leads, and more revenue.

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Social Media

Advertise on social media platforms and grow your audience based on interests and demographics. We create high-quality content that will engage new customers and drive the likes to the pages to increase your follower base. We create social covers showcasing your brand, offers, and reputation regularly.

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Build Reputation

Did you know 85% of customers think reviews older than 3 months are not relevant? We are local reputation experts help dominate your competition with 5 star reputation that instantly attracts new customers. We help you manage, build and market your reputation using our proprietary software. We will assist you suppress any negative reviews instantly.

Find Your Reputation Score


96% of website visitors don’t contact a business. Re-targeting solves this problem by capturing 100% of all your website visitors and allowing you to market to them after leaving your website. We are local experts in re-targeting; we use 3 types of retargeting ads that convert visitors the most to come back to your site and take the desired action (buy).

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Video Ads

Get in front of more customers with an engaging video that converts. We’ve researched every other most converting Video Ads and identified the proven concepts to convert viewers into new customers. There is a NO better way to reach your potential customers than over VIDEO, and we do that for your business.

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At Rikes Web Marketing, Our Mission is Your Success.

Level Up Your Marketing To Get More Customers!

It’s not one thing that makes you successful online—it’s everything put together. That’s why we recommend our all-inclusive solution. The methods we use for each part of your online presence have all tested, and when put together, they are proven to generate a solid ROI for our clients.

At Rikes Web Marketing, we follow the specialized 3-step online marketing strategy, which has proven to work for home service contractors convert visitors into high paying customers.

We take out the guesswork so you can focus on marketing only in the ways that you are sure to attract new prospects for your business. This optimizes your return on investment so you can spend less overall while achieving maximum results.

We always build relationships on results, not contracts.

GUIDE to Earning a 5-STAR Reputation Online

Building A Five Star Reputation, And Then Marketing Your Reputation To Get More Conversions And Customers

Everything You Need To Know About
Reputation Marketing


Get stellar reviews and blow away your competition. We’ll teach you to market your 5-Star status to dominate your market.

Free Exclusive Report Reveals


“The Secret To Earning A
5-Star Reputation”

Building A Five Star Reputation, And Then Marketing Your Reputation To Get More Conversions And Customers
GET YOUR FREE  Social Media Cover To Convert More Patients


Social Media Cover To Convert More Customers

We will give you access to our professional design team that will create a FREE $299 SOCIAL MEDIA COVER for you for a limited time.

Stunning Websites That Convert

Stunning Websites That Convert 

Turn Visitors Into Customers With A Website That Drives Sales

Your website needs to work hard to convert visitors into paying customers. Just looking great isn’t enough.

We design stunning, mobile-ready websites that load fast, rank well and convert new customers. Demand more from your website and blow away your competition.

Our Approach

3 Easy Steps To Your Success

Discover how to increase your sales and grow your business by getting your internet marketing right. If you want to grow your company and increase sales using the Internet, then our complete online marketing solution is what you need. To be successful, we alter our approach based on the type of services you offer. We’re here to implement our tested strategies to take your business to the next level.

We learn everything we need to know about you, your business, offers, and the goals you’re trying to reach.

Schedule A Discovery Call

We learn everything we need to know about you, your business, offers, and the goals you’re trying to reach.


We provide you with a proven and customized plan of attack that shows you the complete marketing strategy in action.

Strategic Marketing Plan

The battle is won before it begins. We provide you with a proven and customized plan of attack that shows you the complete marketing strategy in action. 


Please sit back, and we work with you as a partner in your business to help you skyrocket your revenues and create a lasting legacy!

Step Back & Grow

Please sit back, and we work with you as a partner in your business to help you skyrocket your revenues and create a lasting legacy!


Let’s have an honest, no-pressure, and no-obligation conversation about your business roadmap.


For a limited time, get a free 30-second attention-grabbing commercial for your business to use on your website or social media pages.

Don’t Fall For These Marketing Myths

Don’t Fall For These Marketing Myths:

You need a ton of website traffic for marketing to be effective.
As few as 100 visitors to your website could give you all the customers, you can handle. You don’t need thousands of monthly visitors to grow. You need strategies like re-targeting, high-converting websites, and irresistible video offers that help converts your traffic into paying customers quickly and easily.

A great-looking website will increase my sales.
96% OF YOUR VISITORS DON’T CONTACT YOU OR PURCHASE. A professional-looking website won’t explode your sales on its own. Your website must be designed to convert. Better storytelling, irresistible offers, and a 5-star reputation can turn a “good-looking” website into a sales-converting machine.

My business is too small for marketing automation.
Almost ANY BUSINESS can benefit from strategies that get the best offer in front of the right customer at the perfect moment. Advances in technology mean that the high-efficiency precision of automated marketing isn’t just for giant corporations anymore. Let us show you how it could help grow your sales by up to 300%!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Effective Is Email Marketing To Increase Business?
Email marketing generates up to $40 for every dollar you spend! It continues to produce the BEST ROI of any marketing channel consistently. Stop boring your email list with “company newsletters.” Instead, target your list of interested customers with desirable offers, and the results could blow you away!

What’s The Fastest Way To Get 5 Star Reviews?
The best way to get 5-star reviews is to ask for them! Too often, only frustrated customers leave reviews. Our Reputation Marketing Services will show you how to convince your best customers to quickly leave you positive reviews. Let us show you how to get FIVE 5-star reviews in under 5 days!

Which Is Better? SEO or Paid Traffic?
It would be best to have BOTH a Paid Traffic strategy AND an SEO strategy to dominate your competition online. Paid Traffic gets more visitors to your website NOW to help generate leads and drive sales. A focused SEO strategy helps keep you ahead of the competition in search rankings in the long-term, attracting low-cost and relevant visitors every single day.

How Effective Is Email Marketing To Increase Business?
How Effective Is Email Marketing To Increase Business?

How Do I Get My Website To Convert Better?
Boost your conversions by re-targeting 100% of your web visitors. Stop letting buyers getaway! Retargeting is more cost-effective than PPC marketing, television, radio, and most other mediums. Capture customers you KNOW are interested in just pennies to get as much as 10X the value out of every dollar you spend.

What’s The Best Way To Get More Visitors To My Website?
Paid traffic is the BEST way to get more visitors, sales, and conversions immediately. By targeting your ideal customer with laser-precision, you can find high-converting traffic ready to buy. After they’ve visited once, re-targeting them to keep your company top-of-mind and make sure they’re thinking about YOU when it’s time to purchase.

Does Video Marketing Really Increase Sales?
Absolutely! Conversion rates for pages with video are up to 80% higher. That means that video delivers a lot MORE customers, MORE leads, and MORE sales. Viewers keep up to 90% of what they watch in video (vs. 10% for text), so if you want visitors to remember your business tomorrow, video marketing is 100% the best way to do it.

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